American Studies 201 (November 15 2006)

American Studies 201 (November 15 2006) - November 15, 2006...

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Unformatted text preview: November 15, 2006 Citizen Kane Film Day 1-1939 Hollywood is at its prime, making great films-Orson Welles, 24 yr old, got permission to make the movie->never made a movie before->just a kid but felt he could do no wrong-William Randolph Hearst->newspaper king->lived on The Ranch = the size of RI->1/5 Americans were reading a Hearst paper every week->Hearst had power->but movies were more powerful than any paper Citizen Kane-About Hearsts life and mansion-Caused the undoing of Orson Welles The most powerful man in Hollywood tried to find every copy of the film and burn them About Hearst You can crush a man with journalism, not with a motion picture Douglas Fairbanks quoting his dadshows how Hearst tore down Welles More on Hearst-Got everything he wanted as a kid-Understood the huge amount of money that could be made in European tours of art and architecturetourism-Loved theater-Flunking out of Harvard, he asked his father for a small San Francisco Newspaper->Splashy, big type, lurid news->At first only 8 pages a day->Created news->Reprinted stories and made them his own He doesnt let up. Hes like a dog that gets hold of your leg About Hearst-Paper was made for poor and immigrants...
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American Studies 201 (November 15 2006) - November 15, 2006...

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