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Reaction Chapter 1: Man has two parts, a body and soul, each of which needs special attention in order to be in good health. Individuals must generate the will inside of them to improve and raise their health. When we are sick, it is not up to doctors to cure us. It is within each of us that we acknowledge the fact that we have the inner will to regain health. Doctors only serve as a guiding hand. The main question that we must ask ourselves is; how do we become whole? The question is simple yet at the same time very dynamic. Once we understand how to maintain good “health,” we will have answered this question and surely have become whole. A physician in today’s society carries a distinct aura with him. Patients and those who hold less knowledge about the science of medicine hold physicians higher because the in a sense can dictate the between life and death. Although some people may feel that no person should be able to retain such a powerful position, I read that there are explanations and reasons for their stature. It can be said that patients look at doctors the
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