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Discussion Questions on Ronald Takaki, Searching for the Gold Mountain” 1. What were the Chinese’ motivations for migrating to the US? 2. What was the rationale for the Foreign Minors Act of 1850 and, over the twenty year period while it was in force, what was its effect? 3, How did Charles Crocker reign in the Chinese miners, breaking their strike for better wages and an eight hour day in 1966. 4. Once the Chinese comprised half the labor force in San Francisco, how was labor racially divided between? Who earned more? 5. How was ethnic antagonism at work in the making of the Chinese laundryman?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. In what social attitudes and behaviors was the “negroization” of the Chinese laborer most evident? 7. What domestic problem was reflected in what President Rutherford Hayes called the “Chinese Problem?” 8. What most limited the effect the Burlingame Treaty and the Civil Rights Act of 1870 on the racial oppression of the Chinese? 9. Why didn’t the Chinese women migrate the US with their husbands and sons? 10. What measures were taken by some Chinese men to find Chinese wives? 11. What was the role of tongs and fongs in the building of Chinese communities?...
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