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Ronald Takaki: Reflections on Racial Patterns in America This author has written the books: A Different Mirror, Iron Cages, From Different Shores and many articles in sociology. He is a renowned critic of neoconservative arguments against affirmative action which are widely accepted today. Here he criticizes Nathan Glazer: “theoretician of the anti-affirmative backlash” Author of Affirmative Discrimination: Ethnic Inequality and Public Policy This book thwarts the trend toward the recognition of policy based on group rights —an approach to redressing the effects of discrimination Espouses the ideal of a good society (meritocratic not ascription based) Maintains that racial inequality can be eliminated through laws that attack the general form. Supports the Bakke Decision of 1974 Says there was a national consensus opposing discrimination Consensus is thwarted by “Affirmative Discrimination” It is reflected in three laws The Civil Rights act 1964 Voting Rights Act of 1965 The Immigration Act of 1965 This came to be associated with three “decisions” Or historical developments have supported an inclusionist pattern 1. The entire world would be allowed to enter the US 2. No independent polities would be established by an ethnic group 3. The group character of every ethnic identity is to be respected. This mythic construction collapses the distinction between racial and ethnic groups The first decision is refuted by the reference to the Naturalization Law of 1790 Citizenship only open to “white” immigrants On the books for 162 years This effected the Chinese laborers 1850 Chinese 7,520 1880 105, 465 1879 25% of the wage earning workforce in CA
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Ronald_Takaki-lecture_notes - Ronald Takaki Reflections on...

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