Bear market a bear market refers to a continuous

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Unformatted text preview: ear market A bear market refers to a continuous phase of declining share prices. Bear markets are characterised by overall pessimism as market participants expect prices to decline in the future. Bid The highest price at which someone is willing to buy a security. Blue-chip The term 'Blue-chip' refers to stock of well-known companies with stable businesses. These shares are actively traded, as the company's growth prospects are considered good. Bonds They are loan instruments. A bond holder is the creditor of the company. Bonds are normally issued for a minimum period of three-years for a specific interest rate. Bonus shares Bonus shares are the shares given to share holders free of cost. Book building The process of securing the optimum price for a company's share. The issuing company decides the price of the security by asking investors how many shares and at what price they would be interested in. Book runner Institution that arranges and manages the book building process for the new public issue. B...
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