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Circuit filter or circuit breaker the limit imposed

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Unformatted text preview: ircuit filter or Circuit breaker The limit imposed by the stock exchange to control fluctuations in share prices in one session. The circuit filter for a group stocks is 8% and that of B1 group is 25%. Closing price The trade price of a security at the end of a trading day. Based on the closing price of the security, the base price at the beginning of the next trading day is calculated. Common stock A stock with a fixed dividend that is paid before preferred stock dividends. Generally, the preferred dividend is higher than the common stock dividend. Contango This is one of the special conditions where a minimum quantity is specified for an order. In carry forward transactions when the buyer pays interest on borrowed funds it is known as Contango charges ( Vyaj Badla). When the seller pays a charge for borrowing securities it is undha badla. Cum dividend The shares that are traded on dividend containing basis are called Cum dividend shares. The Ex dividend shares become Cum dividend, immediately after the company declares dividend. C...
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