Convertible bonds bonds that can be exchanged at the

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Unformatted text preview: onvertible bonds Bonds that can be exchanged at the option of the holder for preference shares or equity shares at a pre-decided price. Current yield Dividend or interest received calculated as a percentage of a share's or debenture's current market price. Debenture Same as Bond. Deferred equity A common term for convertible debentures/ bonds referring to their equity component which will ultimately get converted into equity shares. Demat trading Demat trading is trading of shares that are in the electronic form or dematerialised shares. Dematerialisation is the process by which shares in the electronic form are cancelled and credit in the form of electronic balances are maintained on highly secure systems at the depository. TOP CAREERS & YOU +91-161-460-908,461-364 TCYONLINE WE COACH THE NATION Dividend Dividend is the amount of money or stock that a company distributes to its shareholders, in the ratio that they hold shares in the company. E...
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