Listed securities securities listed on a stock

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Unformatted text preview: isted securities Securities listed on a stock exchange, as opposed to 'permitted securities', which are not listed but can be traded on the exchange. Lyon's Range Calcutta Stock Exchange. Market capitalisation Market Capitalisation is the total market value, at the current stock exchange list price multiplied by the total number of equity shares issued by a company. NASDAQ Short for National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotations system, a USbased computerised stock exchange designed to facilitate over-the-counter stock trading. Net worth It is the total of equity share capital and reserves. It is also the value of total assets minus total liabilities. Nifty Fifty selected stocks of National Stock Exchange. Non- convertible bonds Regular bonds are also called non-convertible bonds NSE National Stock Exchange. TOP CAREERS & YOU [email protected] +91-161-460-908,461-364 TCYONLINE WE COACH THE NATION Online trading The sale and purchase of securities over the Internet or through a broker's proprietary software. O...
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