Primary market a market for new issues of shares

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Unformatted text preview: olders. Primary market A market for new issues of shares, debentures and bonds, where investors apply directly to the issuer for allotment on a pre-specified basis (price, minimum application amount etc). Scrip Same as Stock. Secondary market A market of buyers and sellers who trade in securities that have already been issued in the primary market. Distinguished from the primary market in which the issuer sells shares directly to the investor. SEBI Short for Securities and Exchange Board of India. The regulator for the Indian capital markets. Sensex Measure of the performance of the collection of 30 "blue-chip" stocks traded on the BSE, considered to represent the barometer of market activity and sentiment. Settlement Scrip-wise netting of trades by a broker after a trading period is over. Settlement date The date on which the transactions between members of a stock exchange, done during a particular trading period, are settled by the delivery/receipt of shares. Share Certificate Share Certificate is a document that certifies a person's ownership of the interest in the share-holdin...
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