Trading ebook Finance - Neural Prediction of Weekly Stock Market Index

3 connor j t time series and neural network modeling

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Unformatted text preview: 94. [3] Connor, J. T., Time Series and Neural Network Modeling, Ph.D. thesis, University of Washington, Seattle, 1993. [4] White, H., “Economic prediction using neural networks: The case of IBM daily stock returns,” IEEE International Conference on Neural networks, vol. 2, pp. 451-458, San Diego, 1988. [5] Chenoweth, T., Obradovic, Z. and Lee, S., “Technical trading rules as a prior knowledge to a neural networks prediction system for the S&P 500 index,” Northcon/95, pp. 111-115, Portland, Oct. 1995. [6] Gia Shuh Jang et al, “An intelligent stock portfolio management system based on short-term trend prediction using dual-module neural networks,”. Proc. of the 1991 International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, vol. 1, pp. 447- 52, Finland, June 1991. [7] Freisleben, B., “Stock market prediction with backpropagation networks,” 5th Intl. Conf. on the Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, pp. 451-60, Germany, Ju...
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