Trading ebook Finance - Neural Prediction of Weekly Stock Market Index

In addition the consumer price index crbx is also

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Unformatted text preview: from October 1972 through April, 1996. In addition, the consumer price index (CRBX) is also available from December, 1986 4 through January, 1996. However, the CRBX data is not used for this project. The help of Prof. Porter from the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory in making the data readily available is gratefully acknowledged. Data Analysis It is proven as seen from the performance of the Zweig model that a rise in interest rates generally reduces stock prices and vice versa. This may not hold true if the momentum of the market opposes the effect of the interest rate change. To analyze the effect of interest rates, the cross-correlation between the long term interest rate, delayed by 53 weeks and the S&P500 index was obtained using xcorr() in MATLAB. Since, the whole time series was used, the results gave the cross-correlation for various delays. Similarly, the crosscorrelation between the short-term interest rate and the index is also obtained. To get some logical output from such a c...
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