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Kline 1 Kellie Kline Professor Ahrenhoerster English 101 13 December 2005 Violence in the Media Media surrounds us each and everyday. Everywhere we look, there is someone, somewhere trying to tell us his or her thoughts. With all the new technology in the media today, this message is more powerful than ever. Almost every home in America has a television or radio in it and the messages that are illustrated through these modes of communication are clearly identifiable. They say listen to me, buy me, believe what I believe, and think what I think. Violence has become an important issue today, something that has undoubtedly become part of our daily lives. We often overlook just how serious violent messages in media can affect our daily lives. Over time, violence in the media has become so much more accepted that no one seems to even pay attention to it anymore. It has slowly become almost “normal” to us as a society, but its effect’s can be serious.
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Kline 2 On average, a child watches from three to five hours of television a day (Anderson). That is an average of twenty-eight hours a week in front of the television set (Anderson). This is very close to two times the amount of time some kids are in school. Studies have shown that lengthy television watching may be related to aggressive behavior, poor academic performance, obesity, and the use of drugs or alcohol (Dorr). A survey done shows that a surprising sixty-six percent of children's television programs contained violence. Research proves time and time again that aggression and television watching are related. If we as Americans truthfully thought that television had no impact on its viewers, why would companies spend so much money on television advertising? If commercials have an affect on them, then so do the shows that the children watch. One might ask, why do children enjoy watching the violence that they see on
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speech - Kline 1 Kellie Kline Professor Ahrenhoerster...

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