Basic GI Physio - Class 1 HN 510 2012

mucins mucus from the neck of the stomach down mucin

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Unformatted text preview: elps protein digestion • Stimulates flow of bile and pancreatic juice • Stimulation of gastric juice production – Anger and hostility • Inhibition of gastric juice – Fear and depression Stomach Stomach -why such a low pH (HCL) does not cause tissue damage? - • Mucins (mucus) • from the neck of the stomach down • Mucin – glycoprotein (CHO’s and aa) Mucin • 4 subunits bound by disulfide bridges 6pH 7 O3 HC pH 1- 2 HCO3- Stomach Stomach - Pepsinogens - • produced by chief cells • Pepsinogen I – acid secreting regions Pepsinogen • Pepsinogen II – pyloric region Pepsinogen • Activated at low pH 1.3 -3.2 • Stimulated by gastrin Stomach Stomach - Pepsinogens • Pepsin - inactivated by the alkaline pH pH 6.5 pH 2 - 4 Pyloric antrum pH 1 - 3 Small intestine Small • Brush border enzymes – Peptidases • Enteropeptidases • Aminopeptidases • Carboxypeptidases • Exopeptidases, endopeptidases – Saccharidases • Maltase, α-dextrinase Maltase, • Lactase, sucrase, trehalase – Nucleases and related enzymes Daily water turnover (ml) in the GI Daily tract Daily water turnover (ml) in the GI Daily tract...
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