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Class 3 PCN intervention_1

S 242 of men bmi 30 242 235 of women bmi 30 235

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Unformatted text preview: & calcium supplements to facilitate bone development Obesity and Fertility • Obesity increases likelihood of reproductive health problems • Obesity rates in U.S. • 24.2% of men (BMI ≥30) 24.2% • 23.5% of women (BMI ≥30) 23.5% • 3% of population are massively obese (BMI ≥40) 3% Biological Bases for Infertility in Obese Men and Women Obesity and Fertility • Central body fat & fertility • Central obesity increases time required to conceive • Weight loss & fertility • Should be the first fertility therapy for obese people • Loss of 7 to 22 pounds in overweight women & 100 pounds in massively obese men increases fertility Pregnancy after Gastric Bypass Surgery • Fertility restored in many women after wt loss from gastric bypass • Average time for delivery is 27 months after surgery • Gestational diabetes & pregnancy-induced hypertension more common in women who have had gastric bypass Polycystic Ovary Syndrome • • • 10% of women of childbearing age The leading cause of female infertility Many with PCOS are obese or have high levels of intra-abdominal fat • Cause is u...
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