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Frankie - Frankie"Tram Trumbauer is known as the...

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Frankie “Tram” Trumbauer is known as the grandfather of modern jazz, as a part of the cool movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s. He is most noted for playing C-Melody on the saxophone, which is between an alto and tenor saxophone. According to PBS, he was the only successful C-Melody saxophone player. He possessed a unique and individualistic style of music that was adored by his fans. Frankie’s improvising is also a very important aspect to this player’s successful career as a jazz artist. He had his own personal style that was well recognizable throughout Chicago and the rest of the country. He was involved with many different bands including Jean Goldkette’s Orchestra and the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. He is also famous for being a musical companion and long time associate of Bix Beiderbecke. Together, they produced some of the most groundbreaking jazz records of the early 1930’s. He even got the chance to lead his own recording band, which included many young, up and coming swing musicians. During that time, he was still
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