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Boeing Conclusion

Boeing Conclusion - The substitute products for the...

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The substitute products for the commercial airline industry are readily available but hardly compare to air travel. For example travel by train, boat, car or bus would be substitutes in the civil arena but none of those methods are as fast as air travel. The key word is fast in the excerpt above, our present society is big on having things fast and patience has not grown among people especially people in the business world, they want it done now and they want it done right. Boeing started as a 28 employee company with one plane, and has grown through the help of technology, into the worlds largest Aerospace Company. The countless other subdivisions within the company helps make the area of air travel as efficient as it is today. They are also the second leading defense contractor in the world and are very proud of that. They have countless R&D projects to keep themselves at that mark and take pride in what they create for the Department of Defense.
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