Ch 5 Global Trade [AP & Reg]


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Unformatted text preview: are normally low & their purpose is to provide ncome for the government. rotective Tariffs – tax on imports designed to protect domestic producers from foreign competition [autos, shoes, textiles]. from We have tariffs on 8,753 products (70% of our imports). They add about % to prices. They cost consumers an extra $70 billion. [$1,000 per family] [$1,000 Singapore 1st Ireland 2nd Switzerland 3rd 4rth 2.6% The 2.6% is 4rth lowest he 2.6% behind Singapore, Ireland, & Switzerland. Ireland, 2.6% Global Competition Top 12 [Free Traders] - 2006 1-Singapore 2-Ireland 3-Switzerland 4-United States 5-Netherlands 6-Canada 7-Denmark 8-Sweden 9-Austria 10-Finland 11-New Zealand 12-United Kingdom No n-tariff Barrie rs No –licensing requirements, re­inspections, unreasonable standards pertaining to quality and safety, or unnecessary bureaucratic red tape in customs procedures. The Japanese conduct stringent re­inspections of our autos that cost the Japanese consumer an extra $500.00. 33% 33 2...
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