Ch 5 Global Trade [AP & Reg]

6 832 electrical machinery 440 power gen machines

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Unformatted text preview: oducts 52.9 Semiconductors 47.2 Computers 45.5 Generating Equipment 33.2 Automobiles 83.5 Aircraft 64.4 Medical 27.6 Telecommunications 25.6 83.2 Electrical machinery 44.0 Power gen. machines Imports $225.2 Petroleum 211.9 Automobiles Household Appliances 97.1 93.3 Computers Metals 83.8 Clothing 79.1 Consumer Electronics 47.3 Generating Equipment 43.1 Semiconductors 37.1 Telecommunications 25.8 TVs, VCRs, etc 115.3 Electrical machinery 109.7 Source: Department of Commerce Source: Department of Commerce The U.S. and World Trade U.S. Exports & Imports of Goods, 2005 Goods Value (Billions of Dollars) Exports to: Industrial Countries Developing Countries Total . Imports from: $483 410 $893 Value (Billions of Dollars) Industrial Countries Developing Countries Total $770 904 $1,674 $1,674 Most of our imports come from developing countries. Keep The Money At Home Money Point: When I buy a coat in England, I have the coat Point: and England has the money. But when I buy a coat in America, I have the c...
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