Ch 5 Global Trade [AP & Reg]


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Unformatted text preview: than in the U.S., the yen will (appr/depr) and Japan’s imports will (increase/decrease). 4. If the U.S. growth rate is faster than that of Japan, the dollar will (appreciate/depreciate) and U.S. imports from Japan will (increase/decrease). 5. If the dollar price of the yen decreases, the dollar has (appreciated/depreciated) and our imports from Japan will (increase/decrease). Appreciation/Depreciation Practice [continued] Practice [continued] Appreciation 6. If Russia sells 10 bil. worth of oil to the U.S. the ruble would (appr/depr) and their imports from the U.S. would (incr/decr). 7. If U.S. in. rates are decreasing faster here than in Canada, the dollar would (appreciate/ depreciate) & U.S. exports would (incr/decr). 8. If prices are increasing more in Japan than in the U.S., the dollar will (appr/depr) and our exports will (increase/decrease). 9. If the U.S. growth rate is slower than that of Canada, the Canadian dollar will (appreciate/depreciate) & Canada’s exports to the U.S. will (increase/...
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