Ch 5 Global Trade [AP & Reg]

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Unformatted text preview: inancial assets). – Notice that the two transactions offset each other. the Theoretically, the balance payments should always equal zero…Theoretically equal IN OUT • Lucky for you, in AP Macroeconomics we only worry about the 1st half of the worry transaction. We simplify and see the transaction export of farm equipment as a credit export (inflow of $) to the current account. (inflow • Why then, did I mention double entry bookkeeping? – To help you understand that the current account and capital/financial account account are intrinsically linked together and and help balance each other? balance – Yes, that’s it! • Balance of Trade or Net Exports – Exports of Goods/Services – Import of Goods/Services – Exports create a credit to the balance of payments credit – Imports create a debit to the balance of payments debit • Net Investment Income [Interest, dividend, & profit income] [Interest, et nvestment – Interest, dividend, and profit income earned by America...
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