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Ch 5 Global Trade [AP & Reg]

Africa watermelonshonduras

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Unformatted text preview: iac Firebird – Canada Chevy Lumina & Impala – Canada Mercury Capri – Australia Chrysler Crossfire ­ Germany Domestic nameplates were made in other countries. [parts from 15 countries] Ford Escort Switzerland may get the inputs to make the speedometer and gears from several countries. Global Fruit Basket Global Apples New Zealand Apricots China Bananas Ecuador Blackberries Canada Blueberries Chile Coconuts Philippines Grapefruit Bahamas Grapes Peru Kiwifruit Italy Lemons Argentina Limes El Salvador Oranges Australia Pears South Korea Pineapples Costa Rica Plums Guatemala Raspberries Mexico Strawberries Poland Tangerines S.Africa Watermelons Honduras In an average can of mixed nuts, you find almonds from Italy, walnuts from China, Brazilian nuts from Bolivia, cashews from India, pistachios from Turkey, and hazelnuts from Canada. Trade fosters competition, which rewards productivity and restrains cost. Video Equipment TV sets Toys Photo equipment Roasted coffee Audio equipment Dishes & flatware Women’s outerwear Men’s shirts/sweaters Film & photo sup. Girls...
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