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Ch 5 Global Trade [AP & Reg]

Debit 50 million worth of euros or financial assets

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Unformatted text preview: decrease). 10. If the dollar price of the euro increases, the dollar has (appreciated/depreciated) and our our imports from France will (increase/decrease). 1. If more Thai bahts are required to buy a dollar, then the baht has (appreciated/depreciated), & Thai exports to the U.S. should (increase/decrease). 2. If Latvia’s demand for U.S. Fuzzy Wuzzies decrease, then Latvia’s Lat will (apprec/deprec) & Latvia’s imports from the U.S. will (increase/decrease). 3. If interest rates are decreasing faster in S.Korea[4%] than in Cuba[8%], then the Korean won will (appr/depr) & Korea’s exports to Cuba will (increase/decrease). 4. If Malaysia’s price level is decreasing faster than that of Brazil, the Malaysian ringgit will (apprec/deprec) & Malaysia’s exports to Brazil will (increase/decrease). 5. If growth rate is less rapid in Djibouti than in Swaiziland, then the Djibouti bouti will (appreciate/depreciate) and Djibouti’s exports will (increase/decrease). 6. If the Euro price of the S. Korean won decreases, the Euro has (...
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