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Chris Fagan Resnick: Econ 373 Final Exam Part II Popular belief by today’s mainstream political and economic surveyors says that communism failed in the 20 th century; foremost under Lenin and Stalin in the USSR. Capitalism is viewed by many as the only viable class structure and there is nothing in the future that portrays any change in that perspective. Capitalism has been a long lasting entity through the years and doesn’t seem to be fading at all. The possibility of communism was attempted by both Stalin and Lenin in the early 20 th century but the actual workings and structures of it are never fully explored to its potential. When talking about a communist society you must discuss the surplus value theory which dictates that the only way a communist society can exist is if the collectivity who produces the surplus are the ones who distribute the surplus. When talking about the Fundamental Class Process (FCP) you can either have a communist FCP where the producers of the surplus are the first to receive and distribute it, or you can have a capitalist FCP where a third party gets the surplus and distributes it according to them. The FCP is then supported by a Subsumed Class Process (SSCP) which can be most aptly characterized as a protector or “watcher over of” the FCP, most commonly a general of some type. This SSCP is necessary because they can oversee the FCP and protect it from any harm that may occur, such as foreign influence that are against the FCP and want to replace it. The SSCP is run by the general who has lieutenants and secretaries and such under him who are paid by him. The payments they receive are called the Subsumed
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Class Payments, and these people are known as the Non Class Processes (NCP). The NCP are anyone who is not directly related to the FCP or the SSCP, which therefore constitutes anyone who works under the general that is being paid to protect the FCP. Now that you can see how the communist class structure works, or is supposed to work, it
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Socialism Final pt I - Chris Fagan Resnick Econ 373 Final...

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