Socialism Final pt II - Chris Fagan Resnick: Econ 373 Final...

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Chris Fagan Resnick: Econ 373 Final Exam Part II b December 20, 2007 There were numerous causes that eventually led up to the Russian revolution, and equal number of consequences of those causes. Since 1861 feudalism is no more and Russian industry is booming, at least until 1917 and the overthrow of the Tsar by Vladimir Lenin. Some of the causes of the revolution are the constant pinching and complete degradation of the peasants/ancients. Another is the constant exploitation of the industrial workers in a booming private capitalist society. Another cause is the fact that Vladimir Lenin manipulates the people of Russia into believing his theories. Also, the Tsars completely backwards economics policies that basically bankrupt the society and drastically lower the standard of living and heighten the cost of living for all the citizens. All of the causes above are equally as important to the Russian Revolution and all have their own importance in the start of the Revolution. Some of the consequences of the Revolution are the obvious overthrow of the Tsar. Another is the elimination of private capitalism and then finally the culmination ending up with a Russian Civil War, Reds v. Whites. When talking about the complete and utter degradation of the peasant class in pre- revolutionary Russia there are innumerable instances that can be discussed. One of the
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Socialism Final pt II - Chris Fagan Resnick: Econ 373 Final...

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