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notes, november 8th - Circulation of blood-Robert Boyle...

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Western Civilization November 8, 2007 Renaissance: Medieval Cosmology was challenged: Geocentric - earth is the center of the universe. Who challenged? Copernicus : Writes in 1543 on the Revolutions of the heavenly spheres . Galileo : Popularizes experimental physics -Defense of a Heliocentric universe (sun is at the center of the universe.) -Introduced the principle of uniformity. Tycho Brach : Planetary Motions Johannes Kepler The Scientific Revolution: Isaac Newton : Discovered universal gravity. -All matter is in motion. (Big break w/ Aristotle) -God created the universe, but it worked in a regular fashion. Biology & Medicine: -Paracelsus -First to diagnostics. -Vesalius - Dissection. -William Harvey
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Unformatted text preview: - Circulation of blood. -Robert Boyle- Atomic composition of matter in the body. • Applied Science:-Francis Bacon- Said we need to apply science.-Renee Descartes- “I think therefore I am.”-Benedict de Spinoza- Duly matter exists, only matter exists. -Spinoza was a major Philosopher of the enlightenment period. The Royal Society: • Ruben : Paints the Betrothal of Saint Catherine . • Cashtiglios- Painted Melancholia . • Puissant : French, Painted Rape of Sabine . • Rembrandt : Dutch, best known for paintings and many self portraits. -Painted Return of the Parochial. (Henri Nouwen author of book) • Roccoco : Type of “curly” French Art. • Neo classical...
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