notes, november 13th - -Reverse Golden Rule • Uses Pope...

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Western Civilization November 13, 2007 Machiavelli’s, The Prince Machiavelli’s Philosophies: 1. 2. Merciful and Cruel 3. Escape Hatred 4. Keep army on your side 5. Public opinion 6. Prudent and kind 7. Ethics are relative 8. Do not keep promises. Chapter 17: Mercy vs. Cruelty: Ruler must been seen to be merciful. (Look kind even though you don’t act kind) Never Naïve. Fickle. -In Politics perception is reality. Better to be feared than loved. –Even if you have execute people. If is a leader is loved, it depends on the people. If he is feared, it depends on the leader. Chapter 18: Truth vs. Integrity: Praise worthy to show integrity. Lion vs. Fox Leader doesn’t need to keep his word.
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Unformatted text preview: -Reverse Golden Rule • Uses Pope Alexander III as an example. • Deception is OK, to result in a good end. Chapter 19: Avoid being hated: • Property or Woman. • Never be fickle. • Prevents rebellion. • Delegation. Delegate the unpopular tasks. • Weak rulers are always attacked. • When to use power vs. diplomacy. • You must maintain the Army. Army support. Is there an absolute criterion for right and wrong? • Utilitarianism vs. the bible and the truth. • Power of the church has weakened by the end of Renaissance. • Utilitarianism fills that void. • Ethics based on utilitarianism. • What should be left?-Logic. Everyone is equal....
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notes, november 13th - -Reverse Golden Rule • Uses Pope...

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