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Western Civilization China 11/27/07 *Read Confucius material. Pre History : “Peking Man” (100, 000 years ago) 6000 BCE: - Pottery Shanxi-Xi’an (capitol) 3500 Laiong Dong: - Near Korea -Jade 2000 BCE: -horses -Shansi, Hebei, Laidow 1500-771 BCE: -Western Zohn - Shang Dynasty: Geography: -Yellow River: dry (Gobi) -Yangtze River: green Shang Dynasty: -Military dynasty -Leaders are War lords -King Di (God) -Communicated w/Oracle bones. -All history found through burial mounds (tombs) -Spin Silk (major export) - Silk Rd -Logographic (alphabet) -Bronze Age Western Zhou: 1045-771 -Xi’an -Book of Documents -Kings rule by the mandate of heaven. -Ruled by regents -Aliens taken in. -Shi (workers) Eastern Zhou: 770-756 -Luoyang (leader)
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Unformatted text preview: -Confucius/Daoists/Legalist-limited warfare by ritual (Never attack an enemy who isn’t prepared, grey-haired)-Cross Bow (changed warfare)-Warfare becomes a science-Siege ladders-Cities • Confucius: 551-479-Wrote Analects-7 virtues : 1. Ren-humanity 2. Xioo- filial piety (honor your ancestors) 3. Yi- integrity 4. Zhong- loyalty, consistency 5. Xin- honesty 6. Jing- respect 7. Li- propriety, ritual-3 critiques of Confucianism: 1. Mozi (480-390): everything must be practical, utilitarianism. 2. Mencius (370-300): humans are basically good. Moral philosophy, heaven. 3. Xunzi (310-215 ): People are selfish. Answer, education. Mandate of heaven concept. Prayer doesn’t work....
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