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Western Civilization, October 2 nd History of Rome: - 735 BC Romulus & Remus -Etruscans (considered Barbarians), however taught how to get water, ceramics, and metallurgy. - 509 Tuscans are expelled. - 450 First laws, called the twelve tables. - 287 End to struggle of order, Patricians (wealthy) vs. Plebeians (poor) - 264-146 Punic Wars vs. Carthage. Adds territory Introduces to a man named “Hannibal”- used elephants as weapon. - 133-122 Land reforms with Gracci brothers. VERY important because it is the only way of measuring wealth at this point. Later murdered by the senate. - 88-83 Sulla vs. Marius - 79 Sulla retires. - 73-71 Sparta takes over. - 58-51 Caesar Gaul, Caesar wrote the history of the Gaulic wars. - 49 Caesar become the dictator of Rome. - 31 Anthony and Cleopatra
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Unformatted text preview: Expansion: Take over 264 Italy and formed the Italian confederation. Moved to the Mediterranean Punic Wars-Carthage. 205 Macedonian War (obtained Egypt, Asia ) World, Europe (England, Germany, etc) and Asia. As a result of this expansion: 1. Greeks come to Rome, and they bring with them Hellenistic culture. 1/3 of Romans were believed to be slaves. 2. Brought science, medicine, and geography. 3. Plays (Plautus) 4. Poetry (Catullus) 5. Philosophy, such as the Epicureans, lead by Lucretius. (Atheist belief) 6. Philosophy, Stoic, lead by Cicero. Believed we should have a Republican government and constitution. (A collection of all of the laws, not necessarily a written document.)...
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