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1-16 Notes OB - 1/16/08 Organizational Behavior Notes...

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Organizational Behavior Notes Systems Concepts o Characteristics of a system Interdependent parts or components Varies in complexity Varies in stability Varies in its reactions to change Hierarchy In terms of how things are clustered and grouped together o Small parts to sub-systems to assemblies o Building’s System Types Frameworks Clockworks Regular, predetermined paths Cybernetic Monitors environment and reacts accordingly Open Reacts with outside resources Blueprinted-growth Predetermined and dependant on programmed instructions Internal-image Possess a detailed vision of their environment Symbol-processing Possess self-consciousness and are capable of using language Social A system of human systems Comprised of pieces that function at the symbol-processing level The most complex type of system Transcendental Composed of the “absolutes” o The inexplicable unknowable Enter Organizational Behavior o OB is concerned with the study of what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of the organization Few absolutes in OB o Contingency Variables: “It Depends” Situational factors that make the main relationship between two variables change: The relationship may hold for one condition, but not the other.
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1-16 Notes OB - 1/16/08 Organizational Behavior Notes...

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