2-27 Notes OB - 2/27/08 Organizational Behavior Notes...

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2/27/08 Organizational Behavior Notes Communication o Basics about professional communication You cannot Not Communicate There is no second chance to make first impression Communication is a contract We Assume: o Quality o Quantity o Manner o Relevance Clear communication is the Prize (usually) What makes communication clear? o Tone (serious); body language; using examples; visuals; jargon (using appropriately); not rambling; being precise in instructions; asking for questions; repetition (redundancy) Never underestimate anyone Etiquette is key Ask before you talk De-center and think about others o Communication Process The steps between source and receiver that result in the stimulation of meaning and construction of understanding o Directions of communication Upward Talking to superiors Downward Inquiring to lower levels Lateral Among members of the same level Leadership o Definitions Leadership The ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals Management Use of authority inherent in designated formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members o Trait Approach Traits (examples) Extraversion Conscientiousness
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2-27 Notes OB - 2/27/08 Organizational Behavior Notes...

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