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3/5/08 Organizational Behavior Notes Leaders o Trust A positive expectation that another will not – through words, actions, or decisions – act opportunistically Trust is a history-dependent process (familiarity) based on relevant but limited samples of experience (risk) Trust is a primary attribute When broken, it can have serious adverse effects on group performance Impossible to lead people who do not trust you Followers are willing to be vulnerable to the leader’s actions Followers are confident their rights and interests will not be abused
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Unformatted text preview: o Three types of trust Deterrence-based Trust • Trust based on fear of reprisal if the trust is violated Knowledge-based Trust • Trust based on behavioral predictability that comes from a history of interaction Identification-based Trust • Trust based on a mutual understanding of each other’s intentions and appreciation of the other’s wants and desires o Attribution Theory of Leadership The idea that leadership is merely an attribution that people make about other individuals...
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