3-19 Notes OB - 3/19/08 Organizational Behavior Notes Power...

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3/19/08 Organizational Behavior Notes Power and Politics o A definition of power Power A capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B so that B acts in accordance with A ’s wishes o Implies that even though the relationship exists, it may not be exerted Dependence B ’s relationship to A when A possesses something that B requires o Dependency The General Dependency Postulate The greater B’s dependency on A, the greater power A has over B Possession/Control of scarce organizational resources that others need makes a manger powerful Access to optional resources (e.g., multiple suppliers) reduces the resource holder’s power What Creates Dependency Importance of the resource to the organization Scarcity of the resource Nonsubstitutability of the resource o Contrasting Leadership and Power Leadership Focuses on goal achievement Requires goal compatibility with followers Focuses influence downward Research focuses on leadership styles and relationships with followers Power Used as a means for achieving goals Requires follower dependency Used to gain lateral and upward influence Research focuses on power tactics for gaining compliance
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3-19 Notes OB - 3/19/08 Organizational Behavior Notes Power...

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