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Should alpine accept the special order at that price

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Unformatted text preview: 2 Fall 2009 – Final Exam Page 17 35. Suppose the purchaser is willing to pay $30 per pair for the special order boots. Should Alpine accept the special order at that price? By how much will its profit change if it accepts the special order? Include “increase” or “decrease” to indicate the direction of change. Revenue Variable manufacturing cost Variable selling and admin cost Setup Profit 1,500 @ $30 (from 34) (from 34) (from 34) $45,000 21,000 5,250 6,000 $12,750 Yes accept. Increase by $12,750. 36. Ignore the information in question 35. Assume that one of Alpine’s production machines is permanently broken and that its production capacity is only 19,000 pairs of boots. Compute the minimum selling price per pair that Alpine should be willing to accept for the special order. Cost (from 34) Lost contribution margin 500@($40-$14-$3.5) Minimum total revenue Number of units in special order Minimum selling price per pair (unit) $32,250 21,000 43,500 1,500 $29.00 6A:002 Fall 2009 – Final Exam Page 18 Use the following information about Mercury Property Management to answer questions 37 through 40. Mercury Property Management manages a large office building complex. It is considering the installation of heated sidewalks around its buildings so that it does not need to hire a snow removal firm in the winter. Maintenance personnel developed the following estimates for the project. Project life Initial cost of sidewalk installation Annual cash savings in snow removal cost Salvage value of sidewalk project 8 years $720,000 $120,000 $50,000 Mercury uses straight-line depreciation and pays no taxes. Management uses a 9% discount rate on investments of this type. 37. Compute the present value of the project’s annual cash savings in snow removal costs. $120,000 * 5.534 = $664,080 38. Compute the net present value of the sidewalk project. Year 0 1-8 8 Description Initial Investment Annual cash savings Salvage value Net present value Amount <$720,000> $120,000 $50,000 PV Factor 1.000 5....
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