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Unformatted text preview: bbery or Burglary, a 459 PC Some arrested still vividly remember the shock of having neighbors come out to watch the commotion as TV cameras recorded the hand-cuffing for the "nightly news" Treated poorly from the start... Strip searched, sprayed for lice and locked up with chains around their ankles, the "prisoners" were part of an experiment to test people's reactions to power dynamics in social situations Don't mess with us... Other college student volunteers -- the "guards" -were given authority to dictate 24-hour-a-day rules Soon, they were humiliating the prisoners And it got worse and worse... It didn't take long... Less than 36 hours into the experiment, Prisoner #8612 began suffering from acute emotional disturbance, disorganized thinking, uncontrollable crying, and rage...he was released You want us to do what??? Upon hearing of a rumored break-out Zimbardo panicked... Instead of sitting back and observing what was to occur next, like the good experimental psychologist that he was... He went back to the Palo Alto Police Department and asked the sergeant if "we could have our prisoners transferred to your jail for at least one night" Zimbardo had also fallen totally into his role Parole Board During the parole hearings they also witnessed an unexpected metamorphosis of the prison consultant as he adopted the role of head of the Parole Board He literally became the most hated authoritarian official imaginable, so much so that when the experiment was over he felt sick at who he had become... He acted no different than his own tormentor who had previously rejected his annual parole requests for 16 years when he was a prisoner "I think it is terrible what you are doing to those boys" Christina Maslach was a recent PhD graduate at Stanford and in a romantic relationship with Zimbardo She almost got physically ill when seeing the cruelty Her reactions convinced Zimbardo it was time to call it off... Maslach realized that the experiment was becoming very ugly...she couldn't believe some of the transformations... Upon her arrival, she had a pleasant conversation with a "charming, funny, smart" young man waiting to start his guard shift Other researchers had told her there was a particularly sadistic guard, whom both prisoners and other guards had nicknamed John Wayne Which one is "John Wayne"? Later, when she looked at the monitor of the prison yard again, she asked someone to point out John Wayne and was shocked to discover it was the young man she had talked with earlier... Jekyll and Hyde experience He was talking in a different accent a Southern accent, which she hadn't recalled at all He moved differently, and the way he talked was different, not just in the accent, but in the way he was interacting with the prisoners "It was like seeing Jekyll and Hyde" Interesting note... Christina Maslach was one of about 50 visito...
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