American Studies 201 (November 20 2006)

American Studies 201 (November 20 2006) - November 20, 2006...

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November 20, 2006 Guest Lecturer: Robert Gilbert Frank Sinatra Sinatra and Richard Prior versus Bing Crosby and Cosby: Beloved vs. Notorious Stars Parallels: Prior and Sinatra developed in the shadows of Bing and Cosby and had to struggle to differentiate themselves Crosby and Cosby: were stable, warm, fatherly, ‘beloved’ and provided continuity in unstable times Prior and Sinatra: were notoriety, crisis, disaster and scandals. They openly dramatized their upheaval in their work Crosby and Cosby were content to assume role of entertainers Prior and Sinatra wanted the role of artist Competing Images of America Bing’s Pipe: relaxed and old-fashioned Sinatra’s Cigarette: evoked loneliness and anxiety Physical Sinatra’s raised eyebrows, give him a troubled look; accentuated by frequently closing his eyes. His legendary skinniness suggested a fragility along with the visible scars on his face and neck Crosby’s face and body are rounded and seem safe. He exuded a comfort Whereas Sinatra stands apart…Bing is one of us “If the bigger than life…Bing may be the universal common man” –Whitney
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American Studies 201 (November 20 2006) - November 20, 2006...

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