In william and mary quarterly 3rd ser 15 1958 pp

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Unformatted text preview: R. Reese. “Georgia in Anglo-Spanish Diplomacy, 17361739.” In: William and Mary Quarterly. 3rd ser. 15 (1958), pp. 168–190. [A-Sho91] Bradd Shore. “Twice-Born, Once Conceived. Meaning Construction and Cultural Cognition.” In: American Anthropologist. New ser. 93.1 (Mar. 1991), pp. 9–27. [A-Spi69] Herbert Spiegelberg. “‘Intention’ und ‘Intentionalität’ in der Scholastik, bei Brentano und Husserl.” In: Studia Philosophica 29 (1969), pp. 189–216. [A-Spr50] Otto Springer. “Mediaeval Pilgrim Routes from Scandinavia to Rome.” In: Mediaeval Studies 12 (1950), pp. 92–122. [A-SR98] Emma Sigfridsson and Ulf Ryde. “Comparison of methods for deriving atomic charges from the electrostatic potential and moments.” In: Journal of Computational Chemistry 19.4 (1998), pp. 377–395. doi: 10 . 1002 / (SICI ) 1096 - 987X(199803 ) 19 : 4<377::AID-JCC1>3.0.CO;2-P. 1 Books [B-Ari07] Aristotle. De Anima. Ed. by Robert Drew Hicks. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1907. [B-Ari29] Aristotle. Physics. Trans. by P. H. Wicksteed and F. M. Cornford. New York: G. P. Putnam, 1929. [B-Ari68] Aristotle. Poetics. Ed. by D. W. Lucas. Clarendon Aristotle. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968. [B-Ari77] Aristotle. The Rhetoric of Aristotle with a commentary by the late Edward Meredith Cope. Ed. and c...
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