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11/30/10 1 FINAL EXAM Intro. Chem. 030.101.01 Sec8on 1, Prof. K. D. Karlin Tuesday, December 14 9:00 am to noon Final Exam Rooms/Assignments Remsen 1: Last Names A‐L (147 students) Sha±er 100 : Last Names M‐Q (51 students) Krieger 205 : Last Names R‐Z (74 students) Special Circumstance Students: Meet at 8:55 am, NCB 213 (K.D. Karlin office) Dec. 1 Go Back Polarizability and Charge‐Induced Dipole E±ects Polarizability : ease with which the electron cloud of a parUcle or molecule can distorted. 1. Polarizability increases as you down a group size increases and the larger electron clouds are further from the nucleus 2. Polarizability decreases from le: to right across a period ‐ increasing Z shrinks atomic size and holds the electrons more Ughtly 3. Ca>ons are less polarizable than than their parent atoms 4. Anions are more polarizable than their parent atoms
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11/30/10 2 As the temperature increases, the vapor pressure of a liquid increases. Again, the stronger the intermolecular aVrac8ons, the lower the vapor pressure at a given temperature.
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December 1 - FINALEXAM...

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