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©Prep101 Page 1 of 15 1. A girl throws a ball at a vertical wall 4 m away (as shown in the diagram). The ball is 2 m above the ground when it leaves the girl’s hand with an initial velocity of v0 14.14m/s and an angle 45 o above the horizontal (v x =10m/s and v y = 10m/s). When the ball hits the wall, the horizontal component of its velocity is reversed, while the vertical component remains unchanged. How far from the wall does the ball hit the ground? a. 19.3 m b. 18.2 m c. 17.0 m d. 15.9 m 2. A stone of mass m is attached to a light strong string and whirled in a vertical circle of radius r . At the exact bottom of the path the tension in the string is three times the stone’s weight. The stone’s speed is given by: a. gr 2 b. gr 2 c. 2 gr d. 4 gr 3. A small magnet of mass 1 g is levitated by a piece of superconductor. What is the force the magnet exerts on the superconductor? (g = 10 m/s 2 ) a. 0 N b. 0.001 N c. 0.01 N d. 1 N 4. Two large crates m 1 and m 2 are connected to each other by a stiff massless spring. The force constant of the spring “k” is 8000 N/m, m 1 is 650 kg, and m 2 is 490 kg. A constant horizontal force “F” is applied to m 1 which ultimately gives the two masses and the spring a common acceleration on the frictionless floor. If the spring is compressed 5 cm from its initial unstretched length during the motion, what is the magnitude of the applied force F? a. 931 N b. 815 N c. 759 N d. 591 N 5. In an experiment with a block of wood on an inclined plane, with dimensions shown in the figure below, the following observations are made: 1) If the block is placed on the inclined plane, it remains there at rest. 2) If the block is given a small push, it will accelerate toward the bottom of the incline without any further pushing. Which is the best conclusion that can be drawn from these observations?
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