The work by the tension force is a zero b mg c mgcos

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Unformatted text preview: θ with the vertical. The work by the tension force is a. zero b. mg c. mgcosθ d. mgsinθ 13. A 50 kg child sits on a swing, which hangs on ropes 5 m long. The child and swing are released from rest at an angle of 60° to the vertical. What is the combined tension in the two ropes when the child is at the lowest point? (g = 9.8 m/s2) a. 100 N b. 245 N c. 490 N d. 980 N Page 2 of 15 ©Prep101 14. A hockey puck stuck by a hockey stick is given an initial speed of 10 m/s. If the coefficient of friction between the ice and the puck is 0.1, how far will the puck slide? a. 39 m b. 45 m c. 51 m d. 57 m 15. A Colour Doppler flow meter is used to measure the speed of blood flow in an artery. The speed of sound in blood is 1570.0 m s-1. The transmitted frequency is f1 and the frequency received at the detector is f2, where f1 = 1.0005 f2. What is the measured average blood flow speed? a. 0.392 m/s away b. 0.392 m/s toward c. 0.432 m/s away d. 0.432 m/s toward 16. In an ink-jet printer, an ink droplet of mass m is given a negative charge q by a computercontrolled charging unit. It then enters at speed v (see figure below) the region half-way between two deflecting parallel plates of length L separated by distance d. Throughout this region a uniform downward electric field exists. Neglecting the gravitational force on the droplet, what is the maximum charge that can be given to that droplet so that it does not hit a plate? a. b. c. d. mv 2 E dL2 mv 2 d EL2 md 2 E (vL ) mv 2 dL 17. A particle (mass 6.7⋅10-27 kg, charge 3.2⋅1019 C) moves along the positive x axis at a constant speed of 4.8⋅105 m/s. It enters a region of uniform electric field parallel to its motion and comes to rest after moving 2.0 m into the field. What is the magnitude of the electric field in kV/m? a. 2.0 b. 1.5 c. 1.2 d. 3.5 18. A 0.1 kg steel ball is dropped straight down onto a hard horizontal floor and bounces straight up. Its speed just before and just after impact with the floor is 10 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the impulse delivere...
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