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Unformatted text preview: e at the rate of 8 per minute. What is their speed (to two significant figures)? a. 8 m/s b. 16 m/s c. 24 m/s d. 30 m/s 1.30 µF Page 6 of 15 ©Prep101 42. A diffraction pattern is produced by shining light of wavelength λ on a single narrow slit in air. If the same experiment is performed with the apparatus submerged in clear water, then which of the following is true about the spacing between the fringes and the width of the central maximum? Compared to the results in air, a. The spacing increases and the width becomes narrower b. The spacing decreases and the width remains the same c. The spacing increases and the width becomes wider d. The spacing decreases and the width becomes narrower 46. Which of the following four β± decay processes is possible (where β± stands for β+ or β-, including the appropriate neutrino or antineutrino)? Masses of neutral isotopes in u 212 84 Po 211.99 37 18 Ar 36.967 208 82 Pb 207.98 37 17 Cl 36.966 50.9466 53 27 Co 52.954 51 23 50.9440 54 26 Fe β± 0.00055 51 22 Ti V Po → a. 43. A point source of sound on top of a police car emits a signal at 1000 Hz. If the car is traveling in a straight line at 20.0 m/s, what is the perceived wavelength (to three significant figures) as measured by someone standing on the road directly in front of the car? Take the speed of sound to be 335 m/s. a. 0.305 m b. 0.203 m c. 0.315 m d. 0.335 m 44. What is the gauge pressure at a depth of 6 cm in a glass filled with 4cm of mercury and 4cm of water? Water has a density of 1000 kg/m3 and the density of mercury is 13.6 times as great. a. 3.1 kPa b. 5.3 kPa c. 5.7 kPa d. 6.8 kPa 45. A wind with speed 45 m/s blows across a roof 20 m long and 12 m wide. What is the net force on this roof due to the pressure difference inside and outside the roof? (The density of air is 1.3 kg/m3) a. 2.4 ×107 N b. 6.3 ×105 N c. 3.2 ×105 N d. 7.0 ×103 N 212 84 208 82 b. 37 18 Ar → 37 17 c. 51 22 Ti → 53 27 Co → Pb + β ± 51 23 d. 53.940 Cl + β ± V + β± 54 26 Fe + β...
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