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Unformatted text preview: ical pipe of changing diameter with an ideal dynamic fluid. The vertical tubes are connected to the main tube. 64. Which of the four choices in the figure shows the proper fluid heights if the fluid is flowing from right to left? a. A b. B c. C d. D Page 10 of 15 ©Prep101 68. An artery is partially stenosed (blocked) by an atherosclerotic plaque. Which of the following statements best describes the system of blood flowing past the constriction? a. Blood will rush faster through the constriction due to the equation of continuity, causing additional damage to the vessel wall b. Bernoulli’s law and the equation of continuity predict a variation of the blood pressure in the constricted zone. The thickened vessel wall prevents any additional damage due to the increase in pressure in the region of the lesion. c. The blood pressure in the constricted region is lower than the adjacent vessel, causing the blood vessel to temporarily collapse at the constriction. d. The blood pressure in the constricted region is higher than in the adjacent vessel, causing ballooning of the vessel in the constriction. 69. The volume flow rate in a blood vessel of fixed cross-sectional area is halved. By how much must the blood flow speed change? Treat blood as an incompressible fluid. a. b. c. d. The speed remains unchanged The speed doubles The speed increases four fold The speed is cut in half 70. When a beam of light enters a glass block, it ordinarily undergoes a change in: a. Amplitude only b. Effective speed only c. Wavelength only d. Speed and wavelength Questions 71-75 refer to the figure below 20 – ΙΙΙ 10 – ΙV ΙΙ 0σ[107Pa] Ι -10 – -20 –| | | -2.0 ε[%] -1.0 | 0 The stress-strain relation of compact bone. Positive values of strain correspond to tension, negative values corresponds to a compression of the bone. In an adult male the femur has a cross-sectional area of 6.2 cm2. 71. Find the maximum tensile force that can be withstood by the bone. a. 1.05 × 105 N b. 1.05 × 105 Pa c....
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