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Unformatted text preview: d to the floor by the steel ball. a. zero b. 1 N-s c. 2 N-s d. 10 N-s 19. Four identical bulbs are connected in parallel to a 12V ideal battery. Two of them burn out. The remaining two: a. Look brighter than before b. Look the same as before c. Look dimmer than before d. Are off 20. Three resistors, R1 = 9Ω, R2 = 3Ω, R3 = 1Ω, are connected in parallel to a 9 V battery. What is the total power dissipated in the circuit? (a) 180 W (b) 117 W (c) 99 W (d) 81 W Page 3 of 15 ©Prep101 21. A light ray goes through two thick rectangular slabs of glass, each of the same uniform thickness. The first slab has index of refraction n1 and the second n2. If n1 < n2, how does the original angle θi compare to the final angle θf where the ray leaves the second slab going back into air? a. b. c. d. 24. A cannon fires a projectile as shown. The dashed line shows the trajectory in the absence of gravity. Points M, N, O, and P correspond to one second time intervals. Calculate the heights, x, y, and z. (All answers are in metres). θi > θf θi < θf θi = θf θi = (n1/n2) θf 22. A 30 m tall building is being photographed with a camera with a lens of focal length 50 mm. How tall is the image on the film if the building is 100 m away? a. 30 mm b. 15 mm c. 10 mm d. 3.0 mm 23. The figure is a scaled diagram of an object and a converging lens. The focal length of the lens is 5.0 units. An object is placed 3.0 units from the lens as shown. a. b. c. d. 25. There is a kinetic coefficient of friction µ k = 0.18 between a box (5 kg) and the surface it is on. The box starts from rest and is pushed with a constant force of 12 N for 5 seconds. What is the total distance travelled by the box before it comes to rest? (All answers are in metres). a. b. c. d. Approximately, what is the image distance? a. b. c. d. 4.9, 9.8, 14.7 4.9, 19.6, 44.1 9.8, 39.2, 88.2 9.8, 19.6, 29.4 -2.0 units -4.0 units +6.0 units -8.5 units Page 4 of 15 32.9 2.9 13.7 10.8 ©Prep101 26. A point source of sound on top of a police car emits a signal...
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