B c d transverse wave longitudinal wave

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Unformatted text preview: ength 0.1 nm are required for a particular medical procedure. Which of the following values’ is closest to the minimum potential difference, in kV, that must be applied to the X-ray tube? a. 10 b. 1 2 c. 19 d. 0.12 91. When two students talk to each other, the sound produced is an example of a(n) a. b. c. d. Transverse wave Longitudinal wave Electromagnetic wave Standing wave Page 14 of 15 ©Prep101 96. Which of the following values, in MeV, is closest to the maximum energy of the positron released in the decay of 13 N to 13C ? 7 6 Nucleus 13 7 N ATOMIC Mass (u) 13.005738 13 6 C 100. Four long straight wires carry equal current into the page as shown. 13.003355 a. b. c. d. 1.197 0.686 0.511 1.708 The direction of magnetic force exerted on the wire on the left is: 97. The sound intensity level at Angela’s ear is 70.0 dB. Her ear is 5.00 meters from a point source of sound of frequency 500 Hz. If Angela moves her ear to a distance of 8.00 m from the source, what would be the new sound intensity level at Angela’s ear? a. 66 dB b. 60 dB c. 56 dB d. 50 dB a. b. c. d. right left up (towards the top of the page) down (towards the bottom of the page) 101. Rank the values of the total power dissipated by the circuit in descending order (largest first). 98. Ignoring air resistance, if you drop and object, it experiences a force downward of m×9.81N, and accelerates downwards at 9.81 m/s2. If instead you throw it down, what will be the acceleration of the object? a. 9.81m/s2 upwards b. 9.81m/s2 downwards c. More than 9.81m/s2 downwards d. Less than 9.81m/s2 downwards 99. A mass m is suspended by a (massless) string forming a simple pendulum of 1.0 m length. The pendulum is initially at an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical when the mass is released. What is the maximum speed of the mass? (Take g = 10 m/s2) a. 1.6 m/s b. 2.7 m/s c. 3.5 m/s d. 5.3 m/s a. b. c. d. A, B, C B, A, C C, A, B A, C, B 102. A battery is manufactured to have an emf of 24.0V, but the terminal voltage is only 22.0V when the battery is connected across a 7.5 Ω resistor. What is the internal resistance of the battery? a. 3.2 Ω b. 0.27 Ω c. 1.2 Ω d. 0.68 Ω Page 15 of 15...
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