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Unformatted text preview: ofiles Staffing Profiles •• Budget Definition and Account Codes Budget Definition and Account Codes •• Scope Change Control Scope Change Control •• Material Cost Control Material Cost Control •• Labor and Non-Labor Control Labor and Non-Labor Control •• Cash Flow ((Forex and Cost of Capital) Cash Flow Forex and Cost of Capital) Project Execution Baseline •• •• •• What II Have To Do – ((Scope) What Have To Do – Scope) When I’ll Do It – ((Schedule) When I’ll Do It – Schedule) What Will It Cost Me – ((Cost) What Will It Cost Me – Cost) How Much II Get Paid – Project Cost = Gross Margin How Much Get Paid – Project Cost = Gross Margin Gross Margin -- Allocated Overhead = Operating Profit Gross Margin Allocated Overhead = Operating Profit 18 Key Baseline Element: Scope Definition y Focus for program objectives y Common understanding of specific expectations and requirements y Accounting for all the work y Framework for managing changes y Basis for schedule and cost development Infrastructure World LLC 19 Well documented and communicated scope definition guards against scope creep (one of the most significant LSTK risks) y Scope of Services y Plant performance objectives y Methods of achieving completion date y Physical Quantities Infrastructure World LLC 20 Key baseline element: Commercial Terms and Conditions which illustrate y y y y y y Objectives of the parties Division of Responsibility Risk Allocation Guarantees Incentives Opportunities Infrastructure World LLC 21 Key Baseline Element: Project Execution Plan including, e.g.: y Executive Summary y Vision Statement and Project Objectives y Scope and Structure of Work (illustration provided) y Project Management Plan y Functional Plans y Constructability y Project Procedures y Risk Assessment Infrastructure World LLC 22 Typical Project Execution Plan Contents Executive Summary y General project description y Project ownership/sponsor(s) y Major contract considerations y Project financing y Key risks Infrastructure World LLC 23 Typical Project Execution Plan Contents Vision Statement and Project Objectives y Project mission/objectives y Execution strategy and approach y Environmental, safety, and health considerations y Security Infrastructure World LLC 24 Typical Project Execution Plan Contents Scope and Structure of Work y Project Baseline y Technical Scope y Scope of Services y Work Breakdown Structure y Organization Breakdown Structure y Schedule y Cost y Proposal team input (handoff to execution team) y Project team kickoff (assuring the scope and contract requirements are understood) Infrastructure World LLC 25 Typical Project Execution Plan Contents Project Management Plan y Organization y Progress and Performance reporting y Project interfaces/relationships y Project forecast plan y Work plan (roles, responsibilities, and y Automation plan accountabilities) y Functional department (horizontals) y Public relations oversight y Risk management y Constructability plan y Intellectual property y Project schedule y Best practices/lessons learned y Prime contract management y Quality plan 26 Typical Project Execution Plan Contents Functional Plans y Project administration plan y Engineering plan y Supply chain and contracting plan y Construction plan y Project closeout plan y Project controls plan y Automation plan y Financial management plan y Startup and commission plan 27 Typical Project Execution Plan Constructability y CII definition: The optimum use of construction knowledge and experience in planning, engineering, procurement and field operations to achieve overall project objectives. y Constructability ideas can range from something as simple as new types of nuts and bolts to a complex project erected from shop-assembled modules y The most valuable input is provided by experienced construction personnel integrated into the project team. This input is provided as the design develops. Infrastructure World LLC 28 Typical Project Execution Plan Project Procedures y Typically addresses interfaces (e.g. among team members) and externalities (e.g. client and vendor communication protocols) y Calls out standard operating procedures of the performing functions y Establishes protocols for adopting the standards for specific project applications (e.g. required approvals and conformance with QA program) Infrastructure World LLC 29 Typical Project Execution Plan Risk Assessment ƒ Identifies types of risk, e.g. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Commercial (incl. payment, forex, cost and schedule) Weather, or other acts of God Political Safety risks to humans, materials, structures, equipment, and components; Hazardous substances; risks to the environment ƒ Specifies format and use of a risk register which, on a line item basis; ƒ Identifies individual risk items and the project team member responsible for its management ƒ Assesses probability of occurrence ƒ Assesses financial or schedule impact ƒ Lists actions for avoidance or mitigation ƒ Forecasts cost of avoi...
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