Risk risk wise between the dbb and the pcm system

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Unformatted text preview: 000 October Occupancy : 2002 Designed by the architectural firms of Roche & Dinkeloo and firms Dinkeloo Sasaki Associates Sasaki Construction: Turner Construction Co. Construction Cost : $45 million Olympic-class 50-meter pool An 11,000-square-foot fitness center center MIT OpenCourseWare 1.040 Project Management Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: The world of Skanska and the road ahead 1 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Who we are − Skanska is one of the world’s leading companies in construction and project development − Operations in selected ”home markets” in Europe, USA and Latinamerica − Four Business streams − 4,000 repeat customers − 58,000 employees − Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange − Revenues totaled SEK 144 billion in 2008 2 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Mission and vision “Skanska’s mission is to develop, build and maintain the physical environment for living, traveling and working.” Skanska’s mission “Skanska shall be a leader in its home markets – the customer’s first choice – in construction and project development” Skanska’s vision 3 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Goals − To generate customers and shareholder value in the core of the Group operations – in well-implemented and profitable projects − To be a leader in terms of size and profitability within its segments in the home markets of its construction business units, focusing on “Outperform” margins and cash flow − To be a leading project developer in local markets and in selected product areas such as residential, office, retail and selected types of infrastructure development projects 4 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Strategy for achieving the operative and financial targets is − to focus on core businesses in construction and project development − to be an international company, with a leading position in selected home markets − to execute all projects with zero defects according to the customer’s expectations − to recruit, develop and retain competent employees and to take steps to achieve increased diversity − to identify and systematically manage risk − to be a leader in the development and construction of green projects 5 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation − to be an industry leader in sustainability, particularly in safety, ethics, occupational health and the environment − to capitalize on urbanization trends and take advantage of the Group’s know-how and experience as a city builder − to take advantage of the existing potential to coordinate the Group’s purchasing − to take advantage of efficiency gains that can be achieved through greater industrialization of the construction process Long tradition 1887 1897 1917 1954 1965 1971 AB Skånska Cement­ gjuteriet founded by R.F.Berg The first interna­ tional order (Leeds) Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange First U.S. First U.S. assignment acquisition - the 63rd Street Subway Line in NYC 6 March 2009 Finnish office opens First commercial development project in Malmö, Sweden Skanska Corporate Presentation 1982 1984 The name “Skanska”, already in general use interna­ tionally 1997­ 2000 Triples in size, acquisitions in the Nordics, UK, central Europe and LA Local and global 7 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Local presence – global strength United States Latin America 8 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Sweden Norway Denmark Finland Estonia Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary United Kingdom Organization Senior Executive Team Skanska Financial Services Group staff units Construction Residential Development Commercial Development Infrastructure Development Skanska Sweden Skanska Residential Development Nordic Skanska Commercial Development Nordic Skanska Infrastructure Development Skanska Norway Skanska Finland Skanska Poland Skanska Commercial Development Europe Skanska Czech Republic Skanska UK Skanska USA Building Skanska USA Civil Skanska Latin America 9 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Business streams Construction 10 March 2009 Residential Development Skanska Corporate Presentation Commercial Development Infrastructure Development Construction Dashwood House, London Meadowlands Stadium, New Jersey Rail network, Prague Construction refers to building construction (both non-residential and residential) and civil construction. Skanska’s largest business stream in terms of revenue and employees. Construction business units also perform contracting assignments for the three other business streams. 11 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Procurement 12 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Consumers Platforms Components Processes Product Center 13 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation BIM in all design/build projects 2009 14 March 2009 Skanska Corporate Presentation Residential Development Majakka, Kotka, Finland Develops residential units for immediate sale. Housing units tailored for selected customer categories. The construction assignments are carried out by Skanska’s construction units in each respective market. One of the largest residential developers in the Nordic countries. Also acti...
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