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Unformatted text preview: anned profitability (“as sold” or better) No surprises Infrastructure World LLC 8 EPC Project Engineering Manager’s Responsibilities (Typical) y Engineering execution planning y Managing the engineering design work of the project. y Producing all engineering deliverables incl. design criteria, design drawings, technical and general specifications, material requisitions, equipment lists, necessary to define and construct the facility. y Providing the engineering input to the project execution plan, Preparing the detailed engineering budget and schedule and the list of deliverables. y Reporting to the Project Manager regarding overall performance of engineering activities, costs, and schedule. Infrastructure World LLC 9 Project Procurement Manager’s Responsibilities (Typical) y Procurement execution planning y Managing acquisition of equipment and materials (purchase orders and supply contracts) in response to material requisitions prepared by engineering or field requisitions generated at construction sites y Managing purchasing, expediting, supplier quality surveillance, traffic and logistics, and material management services for supplier-furnished equipment and materials y Reporting to the Project Manager regarding overall performance of engineering activities, costs, and schedule. Infrastructure World LLC 10 Construction (Site) Manager’s Responsibilities (typical) y Construction execution planning, y Development of the construction portion of the project schedules y Development of field staffing plans, temporary facilities plans, and indirect cost budgets y Directing technical execution (e.g., construction methods, subcontract administration) in accordance with the established construction quality standards, y Reporting to the Project Manager regarding overall performance of the site activities, costs, and schedule. Infrastructure World LLC 11 Project Start-up Engineer’s Responsibilities (Typical) y Startup services execution planning y Scheduling, budgeting, and field performance of preoperational testing and plant startup services. y Review and assistance in preparing preoperational test procedures during design, y Preoperational testing and plant operational services, to full power operation y Reporting to the Project Manager regarding overall performance of start-up activities, costs, and schedule. Infrastructure World LLC 12 Summary: Project Management – EPC Contractor’s Perspective y Interface activities: y Practice/promulgate/ y y y y manage Effective communications Provide/obtain information Coordinate/manage work activities Lead/guide/direct project team Client(s) Community Pre-Op & Startup SubContractors Construction Engineering PROJECT PROJECT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT IINTERFACES NTERFACES Other Home Office Services Procurement Vendors/ Suppliers Project Controls 13 Project Management EPC vs. Construction Only Task/Focus Area Execution Planning EPC Construction Cross Disciplines and Cross Trades and Project Phases Subcontracts Risk Management „ Ability to file claims „ Communication Superb skill required Very good required Leadership Same Same Safety Same Same Quality Same Same Lower (you own „ Higher (you are not scope and schedule) the engineer) „ Lower influence, „ Overall project cost/schedule „ High influence. Life cycle focus Total Initial Cost „Often guaranteed as focus „ Completion and Performance part of LSTK „ Physical completion objective 14 Project Management EPC vs. Construction Only Personal Considerations EPC Construction Education Usually a degreed engineer Can come up from trades Development Rotational Assignments Single discipline Assignments Focus External and internal More internal Intensity Same Same Direction What, when What, when, how to Confidence Same Same Comfortable asking for help Very ??? 15 PM Project Execution Processes (All are listed. Items 4 and 5 are elaborated) 1. Mobilize team/resources 2. Conduct team building 3. Establish and get alignment on the project execution strategy, mission, goals, and expectations 4. Establish the performance baseline 5. Lead the project execution planning effort 6. Manage the prime contract 7. Manage the interfaces of all organizations that contribute to the project 8. Establish and maintain communication channels 9. Establish and maintain customer relations 10. Promote and ensure safety, health, and environmental compliance 11. Promote and ensure professional and business ethics Infrastructure World LLC 16 m The Project Baseline is that set point Infrastructure World LLC 17 Public Private Proposal /Contract Estimate • Scope (Deliverables) • Schedule • Price • Payment Terms • Scope • Cost Detail (labor, material) • Contingency • Fees Schedule Baseline Schedule Baseline Cost Baseline Cost Baseline •• Schedule Milestones Schedule Milestones •• Work Execution Plans Work Execution Plans •• Quantity Release/Installation Curves Quantity Release/Installation Curves •• Staffing Pr...
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