Systems repairingre constructing irrigation systems

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Unformatted text preview: me Frame † Berger to begin construction of Section B by the end of 2002 † Deliver 49 km of paved highway (km 43 – 92) by December 2003 Project Participants on KabulKandahar Road Project † Interim Government of Afghanistan ¾ Ministry of Public Works † USAID † Contractor: Louis Berger Group, Inc. USA ¾ Construction subcontractor: • SECTION B : ARC CONSTRUCTION, TURKEY DO IT FASTER! † In April 2003, the second item became: Deliver 389 km of paved road by December 2003 UNIQUE ASPECTS „ Time Frame Project Participants on KabulKandahar Road Project † Interim Government of Afghanistan ¾ Ministry of Public Works † USAID † Contractor: Louis Berger Group, Inc. USA ¾ Construction subcontractors: • • • • • • SECTION B : ARC CONSTRUCTION, TURKEY SECTION C : MENSEL CONSTRUCTION, TURKEY SECTION D : KOLIN NATFER CONSTRUCTION, TURKEY SECTION E : BSC & C&C CONSTRUCTION, INDIA SECTION F : GULSAN/ CUKOROVA CONSTRUCTION, TURKEY ACLU ( AFGHAN CONSTRUCTION & LOGISTIC UNIT) • SECTION J: TAISEI JV/JICA FUNDING (out of our control) Mobilization and Transportation ƒ Equipment Mobilization ƒ Ground Transportation ƒ Air Transportation UNIQUE ASPECTS „ Time Frame „ Contracting System Contracting Method † † † † Unit rate contract (bid-design-build) Adjustable rates for materials Rates for security related stoppages Scope adjustment for performance UNIQUE ASPECTS „ Time Frame „ Contracting System „ Pavement Design Solution Highway Grading † † † † † Surveying Embankment and Earthwork Compaction and Testing Culvert Extensions Inspections QC/QA ATB Production and Application Asphalt Treated Base Course (ATB) † † † † Screened Aggregate Production Chemcrete Modifier Binder Application and Inspection Sampling and Testing Roadway Paving Roadway Paving † † † † † Asphalt Mix Design Asphalt Plant Production Application, Rolling and Compaction Inspections and Quality Control Sampling and Testing Bridge Construction † Bridge reconstruction „ „ „ „ 6 collapsed bridges Soil Investigations Demolition Design (safety improvements) Deck width Guardrails Earthquake loads Bridge Approaches „ Schedule ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ Bridge Repairs Minor Damage Repairs and Safety Improvements ƒ Structural Repairs ƒ Guardrail Replacement ƒ Pedestrian Walkways ƒ Bridge Approaches ƒ Bridge Deck Overlay Causeways Repairs † Assess Damages † Design remedies † Repairs ¾ Extended Culverts ¾ Replace Concrete Panels ¾ Repair Expansion Joints ¾ Deck overlay UNIQUE ASPECTS „ „ „ „ Time Frame Contracting System Pavement Design Solution De-mining and Security Demining Demining ƒ Coordination ¾ UNMACA United Nations Mine Action Center for Afghanistan ¾ LBG, Demining Coordinator ¾ Subcontractors Coordinators ƒ Schedule ~ Sections B thru F Assessments ~ MEDDS system achieves 400% throughput increase ƒ ƒ Demining ¾ Destruction of unexploded ordinances ƒ Clearance Certificates Security † Private Security Forces † Local Security † Highway Security Forces † Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Forces † United States Military 16 December 2003 Benefits: Economic and Other † Restore Afghan National Unity † Reduce travel time and fuel consumption † Reduce mechanical failures † Connect economic market places † Revitalize rural communities † Create business development opportunities EWC Benefit Cost Analysis † † † † † Cost / kilometer $515,700 Kabul-Doshi (WB) $342,800 VOC Savings about $300,000/km/yr Excluded time savings (19 > 5 hrs) Faster Delivery meant: „ Higher Construction Cost: $173,000/km „ VOC Savings: $375,000/km (15 months) „ Net economic benefit: $78 million „ Schooling, health access, agricultural markets What will you do after graduation? Fredric S Berger, P.E. Group, Inc The Louis Berger on time solutions, by design MIT OpenCourseWare 1.040 Project Management Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: 1.040/1.401 1.040/1.401 Project Management Spring 2009 Public – Private Partnerships Public in Financing of Infrastructure Fred Moavenzadeh James Mason Crafts Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Edited by Kyle Frazier) Historical Background Historical Participation of private sector in provision of infrastructure dates back to the Participation 19th century in the U.S. (turnpikes, tolled facilities) Public financing, especially in transportation systems, became the norm in the Public second half of the 20th century. second Shift to public financing Shift Highway Trust Fund; 2. Interstate Highway System; 3. Procurement reforms (leading to design-bid-build). These three factors were primarily responsible to shift form private to public vate financing financing 1. Re-entry of private sector Re The late 20th century demand outpaced the resources: The Federal Highway Trust Fund failed to keep up with the growth; thus Federal solicitation of private sector involvement. Definition and Types of Public-Private Definit...
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