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This is opposite to steam turbine development of gas

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Unformatted text preview: opposite to steam turbine Development of Gas Turbines Development Increasing the turbine inlet (or firing) temperatures (steam as a coolant?!) Increasing the efficiencies of turbomachinery components (turbines, compressors) Adding modifications to the basic cycle (intercooling, regeneration and reheating) Deviations of Actual Cycles Deviations Due to irreversibilities in turbine and compressors, pressure drops, heat losses EXAMPLES 9. 5 and 9.6 A gas-turbine power plant operating on an ideal Brayton cycle has a pressure ratio of 8. The gas temperature is 300 K at the compressor inlet and 1300 K at the turbine inlet. Utilising the air-standard assumptions, determine (a) the gas temperature at the exits of the compressor and the turbine, (b) the back work ratio, (c) the thermal efficiency Discuss if it was a cold-air assumption? Compressor efficiency is 80% Turbine efficiency is 85%...
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