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Chap 5 4 and 5 - Controlled processes must be executed...

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4) Unpredictable sources tend to capture our attention, whereas highly predictable ones do not. Sometimes very predictable stimuli are not really noticed until they stop. Gradual habituation occurs to continual, highly predictable stimuli; that is, we gradually allocate less and less attention to it until we may not even be consciously aware of its presence. 5) Automatic processes do not require much allocation of attention and can be executed in parallel with other cognitive processes or activities.
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Unformatted text preview: Controlled processes must be executed serially because they require so much attention. The example given in the book of a task that can be both automatic and controlled depending on the situation is driving. We generally, after much experience devote little or no attention to driving, but depending on the situation outside of the vehicle, we may have to devote our full attention to that task....
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