Are the approaches different test this with 5 steps

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Unformatted text preview: approaches different? Test this with 5 steps at α = 0.05 . Do Hartley's F test for the Homogeneity of Variance (using the 5 steps) and draw a graph, fully filled out. Do one-factor ANOVA test and compute the p-value. Draw the graph and show where α and the p-value are and fill out everything. Do the Tukey-Kramer comparisons if appropriate, and use the proper notation. 2. Attach ALSO the Excel output when you turn in your homework. PUT YOUR NAME IN CELL A1 OF YOUR EXCEL PAGE AND YOUR CLASS ID IN CELL A2. 1. [GIVEN: Hartley's CV=6.94 and df1=3, df2=7 just for Hartley's (but you don't need the df1 nor df2)], Tukey-Kramer: (A vs B) cv=0.687, (A vs C) cv=0.708, (B vs C) cv=0.708....
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